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Real Housewives of Atlanta

“I’m Not a Grandmother, Honey … I’m a Glam-mother” and Other $#*! The Real Housewives of Atlanta Say!

Another episode means another week of trying to narrow down the multitude of ridiculousness coming out of the ATL ladies' mouths and our newest Housewives, Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore, sure are keeping us busy. Here’s our countdown of the top 10 quotes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 10, "Off the Hook."

10. Porsha Stewart: "If I left him, I would be so heartbroken, I would be like Tina Turner — 'just give me my name'!"

Anyone else love this woman as much as we do?

9. Kenya Moore: "I have so many men that wanna look at this hot ass ..."

Don't be so humble, now.

8. Porsha Stewart, on signing receipts without checking prices: "I'm like that only when it comes to lamps."

Surely there's a Lamp Addicts Anonymous in existence?

7. Kenya Moore: "If Walter doesn't want to get me off, I know how to get myself off. Bzzzzz ..."

Thanks, we got it.

6. Porsha, on the idea of being sisters with Kenya: "I will emancipate myself from the family."

What was that Porsha was saying about maturity?

5. Kenya Moore: "Every day somebody thinks I'm Beyonce."

Is that somebody yourself?

4. Porsha Stewart: "You don't look like Beyonce, I'm sorry ... I don't know who told you that to try and get in your panties, but it's not true."


3. Cynthia Bailey: "Kenya thinks she looks so much like Beyonce, why can't she get her man to put a ring on it?"

Double burn!

2. Porsha Stewart: "My approach to decorating, especially when you're in your dream home, pick what you like and just buy it!"

Fascinating concept.

1. NeNe Leakes: "I'm not a grandmother, honey ... I'm a glam-mother."