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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Hates Her Boyfriend: Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 8: “Caught in the Middle”

Remember Josh, that kid with the bowl cut who stole his mom's credit card? Yeah, well he's still around, and guess what? Our girl Jenelle Evans is living with him. Now, you might think Jenelle would second-guess her decision to move in with Josh after just a few weeks of dating, but girlfriend doesn't have the best track record when it comes to men.

As you might expect, it only takes a few weeks before Jenelle realizes she's made a colossal mistake. Not only does Josh have zero interest in Ke$ha and alfredo sauce (GTFO, plebeian fool!), he and Jenelle just aren't getting along, partially because of her bipolar mood swings. Plus, let's be real. Josh is no Kieffer. Dude doesn't even smell like patchouli, and in the words of Jenelle "he's just weird."

In other news, Jenelle is trying harder than ever to regain custody of Jace, but her bipolar meds are making her slightly cray-cray, and her her mom doesn't 100 percent trust her to be alone with the kiddo — especially overnight.

As you might expect Jenelley Bean spends most of this episode sobbing on giant body pillows, but we get where Babs is coming from. We wouldn't want Jace exposed to Josh's unfortunate haircut either!

01.8.2013 / 10:38 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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