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Teen Mom

Leah Struggles With Her Feelings For Corey: Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 8: “Caught in the Middle”

Leah Messer's life is so confusing. Not only does she have no clue what color her hair is (it is blonde? Is it brown? Is it magical?), she's completely lost when it comes to her love life. This sweetheart is finally getting over her divorce from Corey Simms, but now he's making a play for her affection and the timing couldn't be worse.

Leah's in a relationship with Jeremy Calvert, and thanks to Corey she's a hot mess. Basically there aren't enough vats of cheese puffs in the world to make her feel better. This poor gal is torn between the idea of having a family with Corey versus a relationship with Jeremy, so she decides to come clean to her man. She sits Jeremy down to tell him about Corey's feelings, which prompts him to spiral into a fit of ennui and start talking about himself in the third person. To quote, "Jeremy be gone."

Of course Leah loves her man like whoa, but she's worried the twins will be upset that she didn't try harder to keep their family together. She heads over to Corey's house to hash things out, and is shocked to find out that Corey isn't interested in anything super serious. Because getting divorced and remarried in the space of six months is just slightly too backwoods for him.

Looks like Leah has a big decision on her hands. Do you think she should choose Corey or Jeremy? Hit the comments!