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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Victoria Grayson Will Officially Be Emily Thorne’s No. 1 Nemesis

With all the jewelry thieves, murderers, and ex-strippers turned PTA presidents, it’s often hard to tell who the real bad guys are on Revenge, but according to show creator Mike Kelley, that blurred line is about to get a bit clearer.

“My big goal [for the rest of] this season is to reset the revenge element between Emily and Victoria, and to really solidify Victoria as our villain once again,” Mike tells TVLine. “She’s quite gray in a lot of ways this year. She’s evolving, which is good, but when her back is truly against a wall, she’s capable of some pretty terrible things.”

Umm yeah, have you forgotten when the multi-millionaire gave Ems an empty box as an engagement present?! Talk about poor manners.

But aren’t these two working together to get Ems into bed with Danny? Apparently not for long.

“Emily and Victoria forced to work together for their own purposes — even [as they are] keeping secrets from one another,” Mike continued. “Everything we’re [currently] doing between the two of them is leading toward greater conflict in order to reset and refuel the series for some time to come.”

Whatever Vicki’s up to, we’re hoping that she’ll at least throw in some wedding china this time! Do you think Victoria’s the real villain on Revenge? Weigh in below!

Source: TVLine