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Revenge Season 2: Will The Initiative Kill Aiden Mathis?

Umm, you guys! Was anyone else sweating profusely during Sunday’s episode of Revenge when Aiden Mathis attempted to infiltrate The Initiative? Sure, homeboy’s got skills, but he had mad laser beams pointing right at his Emily Thorne-lovin’ heart!

His revenge school lessons aren’t a match for exploding laser beams, women with an affinity for leather, or said women using laser beams. Sigh, what’s a guy to do?

The British babe got himself into this mess when he started hacking into The Initiative’s secret cell network. It led him to an abandoned warehouse and one Helen Crowley — leather enthusiast and Initiative spokeswoman.

“You’re in the deep end now, Mr. Mathis,” she said. “I hope you know how to swim.”

Ummm, Helen, have you seen this guy save people tied to wooden posts in the ocean? He knows how to swim.

But Helen knows how to pull his romantic’s heart strings. She quickly informed him that his sister Colleen is, in fact, alive.

“When you murdered her kidnapper back in 2006, we realized that keeping her alive might prove useful someday,” Helen mused. “It seems someday is upon us.”

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But Aiden wasn’t too keen on chit chat. The trigger happy trainee just wants his sister, Emily Thorne’s heart, and a little husky puppy — is that too much to ask?

“Next time we meet, you bring your manners, and I’ll bring an offer,” Helen continued. “You mention this meeting to anyone, and you’ll never see your sister alive again.”

So basically, Aiden has attracted the big bad’s attention and can’t tell anyone about it, not even his revenge school chum turned lovah, Emily Thorne. This could mean some major trouble for him in the future.

After all, we know Ems is meant to be with the poetically trained Daniel Grayson. He’s the only one who can throw dangerous birthday clambakes and get her a front row seat into Grayson Manor. And there’s only room for three of Em’s lovers at one time, sorry Aiden.

So could The Initiative kill Aiden off? It would give Emily an even deeper thirst for vengeance. And we did see Aiden and Helen in some compromising situations in the promo. First, we see the two running down an alley into a fence looking scared. Then they’re trapped in an elevator getting gassed!

Could Aiden’s sexy charm have enticed Helen and now she’s on the run from The Initiative too? Fingers crossed for this visitor from across the pond!

Do you think The Initiative will kill Aiden? Weigh in below!

01.8.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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