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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe Gets Kissing Advice — From Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Glide on some lip balm and take a spritz of breath freshener. It’s The Bachelor 2013 premiere, and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is here to give Sean Lowe a bit of kissing advice.

The race car driver and Bachelorette 2012 runner up returned for the January 7 episode to chat with former castmate in a bro-tastic segment, and Sean wasted no time getting down to the important stuff.

“People describe me as the All-American guy,” he told Arie, “but when they describe you, all they talk about is your kissing. Apparently, you nailed that aspect of it, and I need some pointers. Show me your ways.”

Arie’s Kiss Tip #1: Make eye contact.

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“First of all, the most important thing of all is eye contact. That and you’ve got to use your hands. You’ve got to come in with the hands. Slowly. Not too fast.”

Arie’s Kiss Tip #2: Play with her hair.

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“You can always play with the hair. Maybe this hand you use to touch the face, like this. And then you pull ‘em close. Because you’re not just kissing, you’re kissing with your whole body.”

Are you listening, men? And do you have your notebooks handy? “That’s good,” Sean told Arie. “I’m gonna write that down.”

Arie’s Kiss Tip #3: Very little tongue.

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But that’s not all. Sean still has one more question.“When it comes to tongue, what are you doing?”

“Very little tongue,” Kissmaster Arie asserted. “It’s like, it’s almost like a teaser, just like a little [briefly sticks out tongue]. It’s not [wags tongue around noisily]. You don’t want to get into that. That is not good.”

“I don’t want to get sloppy,” Sean summarizes. Arie nods. Lesson complete!

“I think that’s going to be very helpful,” Sean tells him. Not that Sean needed much help in the first place — but still. If Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is offering to give you tips on seducing the ladies, you don’t turn that opportunity down!

01.8.2013 / 06:45 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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