The Lying Game Season 2: Five Mysteries We Want to See Solved
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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Season 2: Five Mysteries We Want to See Solved

Now that The Lying Game has been renewed for Season 2 (yay!), we have a lot of feelings about where the we want the series to go. The top of our list? Getting an answer to all those unsolved mysteries!

1. Did Alec actually do the deed?
Brilliant legal mind Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar) kills his teenage assistant Derek (Ben Eilliott) then hides the evidence in his golf bag. Nuh uh! We’re calling foul play. The real reason Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) hitched herself to his wagon? We think she wants his spousal protection, so he can’t testify against her. Let’s face it, this is one murdering mama!

2. Care to play?
What the heck is The Lying Game? We know some vague details — like Sutton (Alexandra Chando) gets her packages gift wrapped by professionals at Macy’s — but we need more background on the people Sutton set up. And who really sent that torn dress to Emma (Alexandra Chando)? Was it the mother-daughter team from hell?

3. Who knows what now?
Does Ted (Andy Buckley) know his lovah had twins — and is he aware he’s been housing one of them for nearly two decades? What about Alec? (He did see Sutton chilling with Thayer in L.A., remember.) For that matter, do we now have confirmation that Ted is the twins’ father… hence why the whole affair was covered up? (P.S., forging the mother’s name on the birth certificates seems a little extreme, even for you, Alec.)

4. Does Phoenix have a dungeon?
Did you know that when one of the Mercer girls breaks up with a boy, he’s banished to the Arroyo High School basement forever? How else do you explain the fact that we haven’t seen Luke Coburn (Mitch Ryan) or Justin Miller (Randy Wayne) since they were ditched by their respective hotties? And though they claim Char (Kirsten Prout) is visiting her dad, we can’t be entirely sure she’s not down there, too. She missed Derek’s funeral, after all!

5. How long have Sutton and Rebecca been double crossing everyone?
At first, we thought Sutton was just Mean Girl-levels of nasty, but now we know better. She and her long-lost mother have been planning some sort of shakedown for who knows how long? What exactly they have to gain by getting Alec arrested and stealing Ethan (Blair Redford) away is the biggest mystery of all. Well, except for that last part. We’ve all seen Ethan without his shirt on.

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