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Dancing With The Stars

Tristan MacManus Wants DWTS to Air More Rehearsal Footage to Avoid Fans’s Snap Judgments

Tristan MacManus is such a diplomatic guy. The pro dancer doesn’t want anyone to be eliminated on Dancing With the Stars, which he admits wouldn’t make it much of a competition show. He also doesn’t think he’d make a good DWTS judge because he would never want to tell someone they are bad at something they enjoy doing.

However, during this great 38-minute video interview called “DWTS: Behind The Curtain - With Guest Tristan MacManus” (watch below), Tristan shared some suggestions and frustrations about DWTS.

A little before the halfway point of the video, the Irish pro was asked what aspects of DWTS he would he change and why. "You trying to get me sacked?" he joked, then added that the show works as it is and they don’t need to change anything. However, he said, "I'd love to see something if it was for 10 weeks that people stay on for 10 weeks. ... It gives everyone a chance then to kind of learn the dances [which is] the reason they signed up for the show." But it doesn't work as a competition, he noted, so the whole concept of the show would change.

Credit: Adam Taylor / ABC    

Perhaps that was a nod to his Season 15 All-Stars partner Pamela Anderson, who was eliminated first. It sounds like he may also have had Pam in mind for this next part — as well as certain other celebs and pros who tend to get slanted edits.

"You could have a second show afterward, where they show longer clips of rehearsals and stuff [instead of] trying to fit everything in 30 seconds,” Tristan added. “People love judging how people are in rehearsals and what type of people they [but] they've only seen 30 seconds of it. ... Not that I get offended, but I get frustrated sometimes when people make judgments so quickly on different people, whether it's that they think that they're not putting in the effort or they're not a nice person, when they are. Or whether you're saying people are really nice people and they're putting so much time in when they aren't. You know what I mean? These are the kinds of things you don't see. And if you have someone on the show people don't particularly like, what you need to do is give people something and they realize 'You know what, why don't I like this person? They're actually really nice.' You can't play up to that person's particular character. And you can't just choose one person from a season and kind of go 'We're going to make people like this person.' You kind of have to show different sides to everybody."

We’ll never complain about more behind-the-scenes footage, so hopefully ABC considers that idea. Watch the full video for a lot more.

DWTS returns with Season 16 on March 18.

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