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Which Teen Mom Waxed and Plucked Her Child’s Eyebrows?!

OG Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has one of the cutest kiddos this side of MTV Valley! Sophia is sweet, smart, and completely gorgeous (she looks just like her mommy), but apparently this lovely lady has a unibrow –– something we've never noticed.

Farrah is more than a little self-conscious when it comes to her own personal appearance, and now she's just as worried about Sophia's looks. "So here I am faced with a standout historical moment in motherhood when I can confirm to myself that my little, adorable, most cuddle-able cutie, baby girl has a Unibrow," she writes on Sulia. "I felt bad for her."

Farrah decided the best thing to do about Sophia's unibrow was to wax it off, but unfortunately this didn't go according to plan. "I tryed to wax her, the second a dab hit the Uni, she touch it with the towel she had in her hand," she explains. "So now sophia was freaking out, so I had to act like it was a cool science project to get the wax off."

Despite a major waxing fail, Farrah waited until Sophia fell asleep and then plucked her eyebrows with tweezers. "I got my tweezers and Pluck-pluck-pluck......" Farrah continues. "The next morning I showed her and told her how well she did and she didn't even know, She was more intrigued now to be ok with upkeeping her non-unibrow. I could tell she was proud. Ah I feel like a good mom."

Wow, we're slightly shocked that Farrah would wax Sophia's eyebrows at such a young age! After all, this cutie could get a complex about her looks! Do you think Farrah made a bad judgement call, or did she do the right thing?

Source: Sulia

01.8.2013 / 02:30 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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