Glee’s Top 5 Most Surprising Couples Ever!
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Glee’s Top 5 Most Surprising Couples Ever!

There are an endless number of Glee couples with amazing chemistry that we constantly want to ship. But there are also a few couples on the show that we prefer not to think about, as they took us completely by surprise and may have been a tad regrettable. So here are our picks for the five most unlikely couples in Glee history. Translation: Just say no, Shelby!

5. Emma and Ken
We don't blame you if you've chosen to block Ken Tanaka (Patrick Gallagher) from your Glee memory. But there was a time when Emma (Jayma Mays) was so serious about the former McKinley football coach that she actually was all set to marry the dude. What Emma was thinking there, we'll never know.

Glee’s Top 5 Most Surprising Couples Ever!
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4. Kurt and Brittany / Rachel and Blaine
Neither of these was an actual "couple" per se. However, given that Kurttany went on a date in Season 1, and Blachel kissed in Season 2, they both deserve to share a spot on this list. In fact, watching Kurt (Chris Colfer) dress up as a "dude" for his date with Brit (Heather Morris) — complete with that John Deere hat — remains one of our favorite Glee memories ever.

3. Puck and Rachel

What's surprising about this bizarre pairing is not just that they hooked up, but that they hooked up during mulitple seasons. We actually think Puckleberry was kinda cute together (don't hate us!), but we still have no idea how they would be capable of sustaining a conversation for more than, say, 15 seconds.

Glee’s Top 5 Most Surprising Couples Ever!
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2. Artie and Sugar
Are these two still dating? It sure seemed that way when we saw them kiss during "Dynamic Duets," although we hadn't seen them together much before that in a bit. And while Artie (Kevin McHale) and Brittany made an equally head-scratching combo — which is underscored by the fact that Brittany appears to have completely forgotten their relationship — it's Artie and Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) who truly don't make sense together.

1. Puck and Shelby

Puck (Mark Salling) has been involved in more than his share of surprising couples, including Pizes and Puckcedes. But his squiring of Shelby — better known as Rachel's (Lea Michele) mom and the adoptive mom of Puck's daughter, Beth — is the one that we still can't figure out. What was the show thinking with this match-up? We're not sure, but it probably goes to show that Puck is just too charming for his own good.

Glee has had too many strange couples.

I like all the unusual couples!