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The Walking Dead

New Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers Poster: “An Eye For An Eye” (PHOTO)

A month from tomorrow. Just keep telling yourself: The Walking Dead Season 3 is coming back a month from tomorrow, on February 10. (Plus, there should be a Super Bowl commercial the week before that.)

TVLine just shared a cool new Season 3 second half teaser poster, showing our two alpha leaders: The Governor (David Morrissey) and his bleeding eye bandage and, in front of him, half of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) crazy Ricktator face. Only one of Rick’s eyes is showing, in a handy nod to the teaser at the top of the poster: "AN EYE FOR AN EYE." These two guys haven't even met yet, on the show. That's going to be an interesting showdown. (Is everyone Team Prison? Is anyone at all Team Woodbury?)

Credit: AMC/TVLine    

TVLine also shared this little AMC spoiler tease: "With his group in tatters, his sanity in question, and his own son questioning his every move, Rick must somehow pull everyone together to face their greatest challenge — the Governor. In order to survive, he must risk everything, including the group’s very humanity.”

Isn't it funny how walkers aren't even much of an issue on The Walking Dead anymore? Yes, the zombie apocalypse survivors have always been the true "walking dead," but this is now, more than ever, a show about living, breathing, human conflict. We just hope Andrea (Laurie Holden) finally chooses the right side, since she’s looking like a major swing vote.

Source: TVLine

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01.9.2013 / 11:05 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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