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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers: Details on Downton Abbey Star’s Role, Mulan’s Return, and Ariel

Hey, remember when TVLine said one of the dynamic duo — Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Aurora/Sleeping Beauty (Sarah Bolger) — would be returning to Once Upon a Time Season 2 soon after the winter break? It's Mulan in a flashback — not a “How’s that search for Phillip coming?” update.

Show creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talked to Collider about what's coming up, including some updates on old and new characters.

MULAN IS COMING, BUT NOT THE MAIN FOCUS: "Mulan will be in the [next] episode," Kitsis said, referring to Episode 11: “The Outsider,” which has already given us some teaser photos of Mulan and this description of her part: "Belle [Emilie de Ravin] meets Mulan as the two set out to slay a fearsome beast called the Yaoguai, who has been ravaging the land."

As Kitsis continued, “Aurora and Mulan are off to save Phillip, and we are hoping to return to that, at some point this year. But, for the first batch of upcoming episodes, we’re focusing on the Charmings, the Rum-Belles and the Cora and Regina family. Family dynamics is really what’s going on.”

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WHO ARE YOU, MRS. PATMORE? It was recently revealed that Lesley Nicol, who plays Mrs. Patmore on Downton Abbey, would be joining the cast. “We’re all big Downton Abbey fans,” Kitsis said. “[Her character] has a connection to Snow White and her family, and that will be explored in Episode 15.” Lesley herself had teased to “think servant, maybe” in regard to her role, but added she is not playing Mrs. Potts of Beauty and the Beast.

ARIEL UPDATE: What about Ariel from The Little Mermaid. When is she coming? “Probably not this season,” Kitsis said. “We’ve taken a lot of toys off the shelf, so we’re probably not going to see her this year. We do have a plan for her, if there is a Season 3.” Of course there will be a Season 3! Right? “Ariel is a character that we love,” Horowitz added. “We have a story in mind, but we don’t want to overload with too many characters at once.” Smart. We’re already feeling pretty overwhelmed with the current group.

Are you excited to see Mulan again? Do you have theories about the new character with a connection to Snow White's family? The Episode 15 title is "The Queen Is Dead," so that's probably when we meet Snow White's mother. You don't think she's playing Snow's mom, do you?

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