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Revenge Season 2: 3 Ways Amanda Clarke Can Bust Jack Porter Out of Jail

Guys, Amanda loves Jack so much. How could she not after he gifted her that gorgeous necklace made out of glass shards? He's a crafting genius! Unfortunately, Jack has up and landed himself in jail thanks to being the worst narc in the history of the Montauk Mafia, and now Amanda's going to have to bust out her alter-ego, Stripper Mandy, to get him out.

Check out three ways Amanda can save her man!

1. She Can Kill Kenny and Nate
Amanda is good at two things — falling off balconies and killing people with rusty pipes. And once she realizes that the sinister seaman-y brothers, Kenny and Nate, are responsible for Jack's incarceration, it's only a matter of time before she whittles a shiv out of a piece of sea glass and goes on a killing spree.

2. She Can Call in Satoshi and His Puppies
Lest you've forgotten, Amanda went on vacation for about five months and visited Satoshi's revenge camp/puppy kennel. Now that she's friends with our boo, Takeda, she can call on his rat tail at a moments notice and ask for help taking Kenny and Nate down to Chinatown. And while she's at it, maybe she can stage an intervention with Takeda about his hair. Something must be done.

3. The Girls of Cell Block D Can Reunite
Thanks to Emily Thorne and her weird fetish for double infinity signs, Amanda fell of a balcony and plunged to her doom. Let's just say Em owes her ex-cellmate a solid. Luckily, Emily is a pro when it comes to revenge, and we have no doubt that she could easily get Jack out of jail. OMG, we just had a beautiful flashback to that time Daniel was put in jail and promptly beaten up in the shower. Good times.

Do you think Amanda will be successful in busting her man out of jail? Hit the comments!

01.9.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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