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The Kardashians

Snooki Offers Pregnant Kim Kardashian Advice on Being a Mommy

It looks like reality star moms are looking out for one another.

Snooki stopped by E! and offered a bit of parenting advice for Kim Kardashian.

"I only just hope she relaxes and just enjoys being pregnant," Snooki said.

"I just hope she doesn't push herself, because I know she likes to work," she continued. "She should just relax."

Snooki also thinks that Kanye West is a keeper. "She's with the perfect guy," Snooki said. "I feel like they're meant to be. And she's always wanted to have kids. They're going to be great."

So does the Snooki & JWoww star think that Kim should let cameras capture her pregnancy?

"That's up to her," she said. "Look at me, I had cameras following me the whole time. But that's really up to her."

Who knew that Snooki would be so level-headed when it comes to advice about being a mom? Maybe she should write a book on the subject!

Source: E! Online