Where Does DWTS Pro Derek Hough See Himself in Five Years?
Credit: Kevin Lynch/GSN Photography    
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Dancing With The Stars

Where Does DWTS Pro Derek Hough See Himself in Five Years?

Derek Hough is getting philosophical.

The three-time Dancing With the Stars pro champion was checking out the forum posts on his website and came across a question from a fan named Krissy; she asked where he would be in five years. So Derek took to his website to answer.

"A lot of you have asked about my future and what direction I see myself headed," Derek wrote. "No one can ever know for sure where he will be five years from now, but I know where I want to be. I see myself doing what I love and continuing to learn as I do it. I want to experience different stages, whether it’s through film, behind the camera directing, with music or in theatre. No matter what it is I’m doing, all I know for sure is I will never stop learning!"

Great! Now everyone needs to ask him for his specific plans for DWTS Season 16 and beyond, since it’s still not clear if he’s returning as a competing pro or in another capacity or leaving us for a while (or forever?). Maybe he’s not sure yet himself, since Season 16 doesn’t begin until March 18. But chances are, whatever Derek would like to do regarding DWTS will come to pass. If he gets a great music, film or theater gig outside of our world, we’ll miss him, but understand he has to move forward. Still … we hope he can still find time to return to DWTS this spring.

Source: DerekHough.com