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3 Reasons Stana Katic Should Have Won Favorite Dramatic TV Actress at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards

Throughout five glorious seasons of Castle, Stana Katic has wowed us by unmasking many layers of her character, Kate Beckett.

Kate has not only transformed physically year after year, but she’s opened up emotionally, exposing her vulnerability while still remaining a badass detective.

Given her incredible portrayal of such a multi-dimensional character and her massive fan base, we thought she’d be a shoo-in for the People’s Choice Award this year. This was her first nomination (as Favorite Dramatic TV Actress), going up against Bones’ Emily Deschanel, Once Upon a Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin, The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev (aka last year’s winner), and Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo.

While Ellen’s performance beat Stana out this year, we still think our girl should have won. Here are three reasons why:

3. She showcases every emotion with ease.

Whether she’s crying over her mother’s death, grinning at her beau, Castle, or screaming at a murder suspect, Stana makes it look effortless. This season, we not only saw Caskett finally get together, but we’ve seen a new side of Beckett as the duo attempted to hide their relationship while still tackling heart-warming milestones on the sly. Plus, as she tries to avenge her mother’s death later this season, we’ll definitely see her rage.

Credit: Carol Kaelson/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

2. She delivers her lines perfectly — especially in Caskett scenes!

Kate Beckett isn’t full of one-liners, but when she throws some sass at Castle, it’s the best thing ever. This is in addition to her long monologues during interrogations, swoon-worthy moments with her aforementioned man, and a slew of intense and emotional moments in-between. Sometimes we forget that Kate isn’t actually a real person (and she can’t be our real-life bestie, sigh).

1. Everyone loves her!

This is the People’s Choice Awards, after all. Stana clearly has a huge fan base and impresses everyone weekly with her multitude of talents. It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve seen a lot of Caskett-y goodness this season, including both hot-and-heavy and emotional scenes — sometimes both at once. Though she didn’t take home the crown this year, when Castle gets renewed for Season 6 (which is obviously happening soon), Stana will get a second chance to take home the award next year!

Do you think Stana deserved to win Favorite Dramatic TV Actress? Sound off below!

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01.10.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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