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5 Ways to Get Your Workout in When the Weather Sucks

If you’re used to heading outside to get your daily dose of exercise, the cold, rainy winter months can be brutal. Try these tips to keep you sweating until spring.

Pop It In
Round up your favorite exercise DVDs and get your crunch on during naptime. Don’t have a stash handy? Try a web-based online class or check out your cable television’s on-demand fitness offerings.

The Classics
With a jump rope, some hand weights, and an exercise ball, you’ll have everything you need to create your own personal boot camp. Invite a mom friend over to help urge each other on while you sweat it out. Give each other bonus points for dropping and giving twenty.

Check It Out
Has there ever been a better time to check out your neighborhood gym? Most places allow you to tour and work out for free at least once, and many provide child care. Or grab a friend and pay a one-time fee to drop in to a new exercise class. You’ve always wanted to try Zumba, right?

Hit the Slopes
Sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and even snowshoeing provide a workout your body won’t soon forget. Beginners should take it easy, but you’ll get a fun day of activity for the whole family. Don’t have the equipment? A ski resort or outdoor shop should be able to hook you up nicely.

Brave It
Be hardcore! Fitness retailers now make many types of rain and snow gear that lock in heat while you’re out in the cold. With the right gear, most of you will stay warm and dry. The best part? You’ll get to feel like a badass all day.

01.10.2013 / 09:25 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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