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The Bachelorette

Blake Julian on Being One of America’s Hottest Doctors: It’s “Embarrassing!”

At this point, we refuse to go to a doctor unless he's either a) rocking a six-pack, or b) been featured on as one of The Most Beautiful Doctors in America. Which brings us to Bachelor Pad 2's Blake Julian, a hunky dentist who makes cavity fillings an erotic fantasy adventure.

In fact, South Carolina's cutest tooth fairy was featured in a recent episode of The Doctors thanks to his good looks and epic dentistry skills! "Being a dentist I've really been able to make connections with patients and see the change that I can have on their life," Blake says. "Being considered one of the most beautiful doctors in America, it's a little embarrassing. I suppose I'm never going to hear the end of it from my family. But it's nice."

Check out this clip of Blake's stint on The Doctors to learn his tips for maintaining clean, white teeth. "If you drink some coffee, drink some water afterward," Blake advises. "You don't want to brush your teeth right away if you drink something acidic like coffee, because you can actually damage the enamel."

Great advice, but what about if you spend most of your day eating Cheetos? How do we prevent our teeth from turning orange, Blake? How.

Source: The Doctors

01.10.2013 / 02:20 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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