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Castle Season 5: Will Beckett Go Looking For Castle’s Father?

One of the first things that captured Castle’s attention was not Beckett’s oversized leather collection. Instead it was the identity of her mother, Johanna Beckett’s, killer that has been a source of dynamic struggle and muddied turmoil for Caskett that ultimately brought them closer together.

But at the end of Monday night’s episode, “Significant Others,” Castle’s ex-wife Meredith dropped some dicey insight into why her marriage to the hunky crime-writer failed in the first place. Mer responded that at the end of the day, he knew everything about her, and she didn’t know a great deal about him. She specifically referenced how Castle felt not knowing his dad, to which he usually responded with a well-placed joke and a change of subject.

However, it’s Kate’s reaction to Meredith that had us a little worried. Is Meredith right? Maybe, but it’s not in Beckett’s DNA to sit on the sidelines and do absolutely nothing. Meredith, technically, could have found the golden ticket to permanently solidify the Caskett bond.

Castle was a key component in helping Beckett solve her mother’s murder and coming face-to-face with the dirtbag who ordered the hit (when are we going to see that showdown?). So, will Kate take it upon herself to return the favor and track down Castle’s father? It’s one of the show’s biggest mysteries. And we can’t wait for the green light in finding Castle’s other parental half.

So what do you think, Castle fans? Will Beckett start the hunt for Castle’s father? Or will she let Meredith’s comment get the best of her and stay out of it? But after all, if Beckett could do the one thing Meredith couldn’t — really get Castle to open up — maybe Mer will book her own hotel suite next time. Sound off in the comments section below.

01.10.2013 / 12:41 AM EDT by Alana McMillan
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