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Gossip Girl

Ed Westwick Spotted Out With a Stache — Hot or Not?

We’ve all been missing Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) since Gossip Girl gave its final XOXO back in mid-December. But since we’ve had the overwhelming pangs of anxiety and sadness linked to a serious lack of growling and seductive scowls, it’s felt like a whole lot longer that the anti hero broke up with us.

Apparently, Ed’s been feeling really bad about it all, too. So, to make us feel like no time has passed and nothing’s been lost, the British actor showed his newly mustachioed mug, and it was... well, we’re not sure. Actually, we are. We’re terrified. Let’s go through the facts real fast: First of all, that mustache. What is that mustache?

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Second, we saw this pic and were all “What’s with the guy in the matching near-stache? And what’s that shirt and lanyard?” And then we looked it up and it’s called Chiquito and it’s a British Mexican chain restaurant. Which must be delicious? But we thought “There’s no way Chuck Bass would eat there.” And then we saw another fan pic with that same shirt. Meaning, he must have actually gone there. And how frequent are these visits? Is he a UK Mex Regular?

So, yeah, there’s a lot to process, but the bottom line is: This is present day Ed Westwick. React.

01.10.2013 / 10:50 PM EDT by Julia Wayne
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