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Nashville Recap For Season 1, Episode 9: Hail Marry

This episode was all about two words: Limo sex! What’s that — other stuff happened, too? Fine, fine. In this week’s Nashville Season 1, Episode 9, Rayna (Connie Britton) hits the road, Jack; Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and her new mother-in-law aren’t exactly going to be getting mani-pedis together anytime soon; and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) is with the band.

Feels Like the First Time

Rayna and her crew are waiting for Juliette to grace the recording studio with her presence, but Juliette isn’t there. Wait, so Rayna isn’t a priority in Juliette’s life? Who knew!

Actually, Juliette has a pretty darn good excuse, as she and her football-playing fiance Sean are actually getting it on for the first time! Finally, Sean now makes passes both on the field and toward Juliette. And let’s face it: Limo sex is always more important than anything else you had planned that day, right? Right.

Juliette finally pops in at the studio — so kind of you to show up! and proudly shows off her new bling. Rayna doesn’t want to spend much time chatting about Juliette’s terrible life choice exciting news, as she wants Juliette to agree to start their tour this Sunday, due to Rayna’s trouble at home.

This leads Juliette to have an awkward convo with Sean’s folks, in which the (briefly) happy couple drop their wedding bombshell. Sean’s parents aren’t exactly thrilled, but Sean’s mom agrees to plan a big church wedding for as soon as this Saturday. It sounds like his mom just wants to get this thing over with. How sweet!

Rayna then informs Teddy (Eric Close) that she’s leaving soon for her five-month tour and oh, by the way, she’s taking their two daughters with her. No big deal.

Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Q&A? More Like, T&A!

So when Tandy meets with Teddy to tell him he’s not far behind Coleman (Robert Wisdom) in the polls, he gives her the news about Rayna’s tour. This leads Lamar (Powers Boothe) to confront Rayna and threaten to spill the beans to Teddy about Maddie’s real father. Looks like what we’ve assumed is actually true: Deacon (Charles Esten) appears to be Maddie’s daddy! Someone get Maury on the phone, stat.

Deacon is adjusting to life on the road with the Revel Kings, although things get a lot easier when a sexy reporter shows up out of the blue and starts making out with him. Tough life! Turns out, they used to date years ago, during Deacon’s party-hardy phase, until someone named Vince had something bad happen to him. Sorry to hear that, Vince.

Juliette meets with her monster-in-law to discuss Sean’s sister being a bridesmaid, at which point Sean’s mom accuses Juliette of not having any friends. Can’t you just feel the love?

Sean overhears Juliette saying that she hopes her mom can leave her drug treatment center for the wedding, so he arranges for Juliette and her mom to meet. Juliette’s like, “Thanks so much, Sean. Oh, and mind your own damn business.”

Juliette agrees to brief her mom on the wedding before she meets Sean. She tells her mom that she’s getting married this Sunday, and her mom flips out, telling Juliette that this quickie marriage isn’t going to make her happy. Since when are quickie marriages ill-advised?

In other words, Juliette’s mom might be the least stable person on this show, but right now she’s the only one who’s making any sense.

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Runaway Bride

Rayna barges into a meeting between Teddy and Lamar and confronts Lamar for bringing up the issue of Maddie’s real father. Shocker alert: Teddy has known all along that he isn’t Maddie’s dad, and they are prepared to tell her when the time is right! Teddy then takes Lamar to task for pushing his family around. Who knew Teddy was in possession of a backbone?

Deacon is finally realizing that being in a famous rock band has its perks, as he and the reporter head back to his room for an off-the-record one-on-one, if you get our drift. (Sex. They have sex.) However, Deacon seems more preoccupied by the fact that he’s missing Rayna’s big arena tour. Try to stay in the moment, buddy.

Rayna meets with Teddy to tell him that she was impressed that he finally grew a pair and stood up to Lamar. Not many women would thank their husband for yelling at their own father, but Rayna’s family has never been normal. Teddy and Rayna agree that the girls will stay with Teddy during the tour and will see her when they can.

It’s finally time for Juliette’s big wedding day with the man she loves doesn’t hate. When her assistant, Emily who’s also her maid of honor, oddly shows Juliette the necklace that Sean wants her to wear from his grandma, something clicks in Juliette. Apparently, she’s not an heirloom type of gal.

Soon, she’s being driven, not to the ceremony where Sean is waiting at the altar but to a plane, sans necklace. It looks like the wedding is off and Juliette and Sean’s whirlwind romance is over. Apparently, that relationship consists of a number of years hours from her life that she’ll never get back.

Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Everyone Wants a Piece of Scarlett

Avery (Jonathan Jackson) meets with label honcho Dominic in Atlanta, who wants Avery to dump his lifelong pal and bandmate J.T. in order to make it as a solo artist. Avery is like, “Give me some time to think about it. [Two seconds go by.] Okay, where do I sign?”

J.T. isn’t thrilled to hear that Avery is leaving the band, and the two almost come to blows. Also unhappy about Avery’s planned solo effort is Scarlett. The two have a super-sexy and clothes-free reconciliation, until she hears that she ditched J.T., and so she ditches him.

Things in Scarlett’s professional world aren’t going swimmingly either, as she and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) are having the darndest time finishing a song under their new publishing deal. So when J.T. drops by and says he’s looking for a singer to take Avery’s spot in the band, Scarlett jumps at the chance.

Scarlett and the band kill it at their first show, and the audience loves them. Gunnar is worried that Scarlett might make this band a permanent thing especially since Hailey informs him that his solo songs aren’t as good as the ones he does with Scarlett (ouch!) but Scarlett luckily decides to stick with Gunnar. Poor J.T. just can’t win!

Meanwhile, Avery listens to his first single that Dominic has put together, and let’s just say that Avery isn’t too impressed. In fact, the song is almost unrecognizable, thanks to that extra-dirty bass sound. Karma’s a bitch, eh, Avery?

So it was great to have the show back, and the episode was quite an emotional one, with Sean and Juliette breaking up, plus Teddy and Rayna basically breaking up. We’ve been waiting since the pilot to hear more about who Maddie’s father is, so the revelation that Teddy is in on the secret was definitely juicy. And how is that Scarlett and Gunnar’s songs keep blowing us away?

Now we can’t wait for all the craziness that is sure to ensue when Rayna and Juliette head out on that tour. And if this show wants to throw in a token limo sex scene every week, you won’t hear us complain.

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