Vampire Diaries’ Candice Accola Talks About Her Dating Dealbreaker
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries’ Candice Accola Talks About Her Dating Dealbreaker

We are so jealous of The Vampire DiariesCandice Accola (Caroline Forbes) that we would easily hate her… if we didn’t love her so much! In addition to getting to do things like make out with Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan), and Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood), Candice recently spoke to the Chicago Tribune about one of her biggest passions: travel.

In the interview, Candice talks about her biggest travel necessity (sunscreen), where she went as a child (think Paris, London, Brussels) and where she would love to go next.

“Honestly, I'm up for anything. I just want to travel and explore. Even in the job that I do, it's taken me to different cities where I want to know everything. And even if it's not the most glamorous place, I still want to see everything. I explore Philadelphia like I do Tahiti. There's so much to see no matter where you go.” See what we mean? How could you hate someone like that? The answer? You can’t.

Now, if we can get the guys’ attention, we have a newsflash for you: If you’re not into travel, Candice probably isn’t into you.

“I don't think I could have a genuine relationship with someone who didn't love to travel and appreciate new foods. Traveling is a big part of my life, and I want to share that with the people close to me. I've dated people where we traveled horribly together and if one thing went wrong, it was horrible for them. Then I've been fortunate enough to have great traveling experiences where everything lined up and even when things went wrong, you just laughed about it. You learn so much about yourself when you're traveling with someone. It's also a huge reason why they say that you shouldn't get married to someone until you've traveled with them. Being in close confines like that for an extended period forces you to explore different sides to yourself.”

On her list of amazing places she’s been are Manila, Bangkok, Paris, Spain, Prague, and Costa Rica. And on her list of amazing places she wants to go are Peru, Africa, Japan and Prague (her 24 hours there weren’t enough).

And Candice is willing to give us all a travel recommendation: Costa Rica.

“One of the most incredible places I've been to was Costa Rica. My boyfriend and I made a last-minute decision to go to the Osa Peninsula. It was one of those trips where you take a plane into the rainforest, and then you hike through this jungle. It was incredible, seeing all these big trees, different kinds of monkeys and species of birds.”

Sounds amazing! We just might have to schedule a trip...

Source: Chicago Tribune

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01.10.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Samantha Highfill
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