Where Should All The Vampire Diaries’ Parties Happen Now?
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The Vampire Diaries

Where Should All The Vampire Diaries’ Parties Happen Now?

Where Should All The Vampire Diaries’ Parties Happen Now That the Lockwood Mansion Is Out?
We loved The Vampire Diaries’ Carol Lockwood for a number of reasons: her devotion to her son, her love of the town, and even her boozin’. And as sad as we were to see her go, right now, we’re more focused on what her death means for Mystic Falls. We’re not so much talking about the big issues (such as, who’s taking over as mayor) as much as we’re talking about where Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is going to throw the next Homecoming dance/wake. You know, the important stuff.

Over the years, a lot has gone down at the Lockwood mansion. The citizens of Mystic Falls love their parties and so do their supernatural friends. From killing Mikael to that unfortunate Tyler (Michael Trevino)/Mrs. Donovan hookup, the parties in good old Virginia have proven to be… eventful. But now that the queen of the castle is gone, where will all the parties be held?

Option One: The Mikaelsons’. Could the home of the Original family (but usually just Klaus) become the go-to spot for Mystic Falls’ big events? Thanks to the Original ball of Season 3, we know that it is big enough for a dance floor and has enough hidden rooms that sneaky stuff can go down without anyone becoming suspicious. So basically, it’s perfect.

Option Two: The Salvatores’. Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) birthday party proved that the Salvatore home can hold a lot of teenagers and even a keg or two, but is it the best place for the next Founder’s Council meeting? Possibly. But two things need to happen first: Damon (Ian Somerhalder) needs to become less controlling of his liquor cabinet (or lock things up), and they need to do something about that lighting. Not everyone looks as good as those brother’s do in the dark.

Option Three: Town square. So long as the weather isn’t horrible, why couldn’t the town gather right in the middle of things, much like they did for the Gone With the Wind movie viewing or the Winter Wonderland extravaganza? Just sayin’.

Option Four: The park. Yes, it’s another outdoors option, but didn’t the entire town gather together to help clean up the park in Season 2? Why not put it to good use, right?

Option Five: Mystic Falls High. It’s not glamorous, but if all else fails, there’s always the school gym.

Then again, perhaps another rich vamp will show up in town, buy a new mansion and host all the parties there. Or maybe the new mayor will have something up his sleeve. Where do you think the parties should be hosted now that the Lockwood mansion is seemingly out of the picture?

Samantha Highfill is a contributing writer to Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter at @samhighfill.

01.10.2013 / 02:30 AM EDT by Samantha Highfill
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