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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Preview: What to Watch For in the Season 12 Premiere

On January 9, a special preview of the Season 12 premiere of American Idol took place in several theaters nationwide, and was also available for streaming online. MJsBigBlog gave a blow-by-blow recap of the screening, noting that (surprise) that the judges were getting most of the spotlight and not the stellar talent.

According to the blog, “The talent featuring tonight was middling... They are-wisely probably-saving the really good stuff for next week. The preview was more about showcasing the new judges, and giving fans a little taste of the talent, that includes, good singers, sob stories and joke contestants.”

Not all that surprisingly, it was pointed out that Nicki Minaj was the standout among the judges, much to the dismay of Mariah Carey. Mrs. Nick Cannon is certainly not used to playing second fiddle.

The blog goes on to call Nicki the “break out star,” saying, “She’s not only opinionated, but a total chatterbox.” Between being an outspoken and parading around in her Lady Gaga-esque wardrobe, Season 12 seems to be all about the successful rapper. If she can outshine the glittery Mariah, Keith Urban may need to invest in a neon sign above his head that reads, “Hey, I’m here, too.”

But it wasn’t all about the judges. The preview opened with Phillip Phillips walking out onto an empty stage for an acoustic version of his mega-hit coronation song, “Home”. The performance goes into a montage of Jessica Sanchez landing a role on Glee, among many other clips that featured the successes of former Idol alums.

For more on some of the previewed contestants from the premiere, check out MJsBigBlog.

Did you watch the preview? What did you think?

Source: MJsBigBlog

01.11.2013 / 07:33 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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