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David Boreanaz and Stephen Nathan Tease Bones Relationship Drama in Season 9 — Exclusive

It’s official: Bones will be back for Season 9! FOX made the announcement on January 8, and Wetpaint Entertainment was right there at the 2013 FOX All Star Party, ready to talk to the cast right after the big announcement.

Here’s what executive producer Stephen Nathan and actor David Boreanaz (Booth) think about the pickup (spoiler alert: They’re thrilled). David also weighs in about about the dynamic of his character’s relationship with Brennan (Emily Deschanel) — and how it might change next season.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Congrats on getting a ninth season!
Stephen Nathan: Thank you. We're really thrilled. It doesn't happen very often. It doesn't happen in my experience. I've been on shows that have been hits, but nothing for nine years.

What do you want to do in season nine?
David Boreanaz: I just want to get through tomorrow. I think that for me, personally, I've always focused on the episodes, the moment, and it's like episode one, season one, got off the pilot. What do you do after 20 episodes? I'm not thinking about that. I think the character revolves around the pace where they're at. There's some conflicting things that are going on.

I can almost feel it when I work with Emily sometimes. You feel that when the relationship's happening, and the characters are together, you can feel the tentativeness, like, “Maybe I don't want to kiss her so much right now.” Or “Maybe, I want a little bit of distance right now.” So we'll see. That might happen.

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Stephen: You know, you get into season eight, season nine, it's an evolution, real relationship. It unfolds in its own way, and I think we don't really know what's going to happen in season nine.

Why did you want Cam's love interest to be Aristoo?
Well, we thought it was an interesting couple. And also, from a practical point of view, you can't really do people who aren't really in the show on a regular basis because you can't keep bringing in guest stars. And we just love Pej and Tamara. They just seem like an odd, surprising, and wonderful couple.

So more of that maybe?
Yeah, a lot more of that.

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