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The Kardashians

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Wants Kris Humphries Gone Before Her Baby Arrives!

Though it’s alarmingly possible that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’s divorce might not be finalized until after the starlet gives birth to her baby with Kanye West, Kimmy says that timing is totally unacceptable.

According to TMZ, Kim doesn’t feel she needs to be married to Kanye when their baby is born, but she most definitely doesn’t want to still be married to Kris!

TMZ sources say Kim thinks Kris is being “spiteful and vindictive” for dragging out the divorce, which she filed for on October 31, 2011. He’s reportedly dead set on proving that their marriage was a reality TV stunt, but depositions and paperwork on both sides of the case show there’s been no evidence to support that theory. At this point people in Kris’s life are convincing him to settle the matter and walk away.

Also gumming up the works? Kim thinks Kris’ claim is so ridiculous that she wants him to pay her now-massive legal bills. Will this pair ever get it together and settle their differences? Stay tuned the saga continues!

Source: TMZ