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Why Lea Michele Thinks She’s a “Bad Influence” on Boyfriend Cory Monteith!

Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel) has been dating her co-star boyfriend Cory Monteith (Finn) for almost a year now, which means the two lovebirds have had plenty of time to start picking up some of each other’s habits.

Yet Lea recently told E! Online that she doesn’t necessarily think this is always a good thing. In fact, the Glee star says she can sometimes be a bad influence on her BF.

Cory has lost a noticeable amount of weight since back in Glee Season 1, and since this summer, he’s been looking even more trim and fit than ever. But Lea says her boyfriend’s recent health kick has nothing to do with her or her vegan diet.

“Everybody says that, but that is all him,” the starlet tells E!. “He had to do it for a film, actually, so that was what really sort of kick-started it. I think I’m actually the bad influence. I’m the one, I’m the bad one. I’m like, Come on, don’t you want to order something?”

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If you ask us, she can’t possibly be too bad of an influence. Her figure is fantastic, and he (to steal a Sue Sylvesterism) is just about the farthest thing from “Chubby Wan Kenobi” without dipping into unhealthy territory. Whatever Cory and Lea are doing, they should definitely keep it up.

We’ll just be over here in the corner feeling bad about ourselves!

Source: E! Online