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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard Insulted By Which of Her Bachelorette Exes?

We fear so many things in this world. Namely, The Reaper, and Taylor Lautner's wolf friends from Twilight. Obviously, we're referring to John Wolfner, The Bachelorette Season 8's pal with paws who we was kicked out of Emily Maynard's love shack because apparently she hates cuddly creatures.

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From the looks of Twitter, it doesn't seem like Emily and The Wolf have been in touch since filming The Bachelorette, but he recently gave an interview and had some not very nice things to say about his ex. Basically, he called Emily a cat lady. Sigh, classic feline-canine war of the words.

Emily isn't one to back down from a fight, so she unleashed her inner backwoods hood rat and tweeted “She likes cats and she’s a picky eater?? Come on…you can think of something better than that, can’t you?”

Oh dang, here go hell come. Naturally, The Wolf backed down and took it to Twitter for some hilarious cat jokes. Oh, the LOLs! "@EmilyMaynard ha, who knew saying something so trivial would cause such a response," John wrote. "You're great! I just can't do cats right meow."

Um, amazing pun, The Wolf. In other news, who do you think won this Twitter battle?

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01.12.2013 / 01:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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