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Glee Spoiler: Santana Will “Lash Out” at Brittany and Sam

Heartbreak can drive a person to do some pretty risky things. Bold things. Potentially life-changing things. And Glee’s Santana (Naya Rivera) is about to get her heart broken.

Ever since Santana’s ex, Brittany (Heather Morris), first kissed Sam (Chord Overstreet) back in Episode 9: “Swan Song,” we knew this was coming. Britt and Sam are well on their way to becoming McKinley’s hottest couple, and so far, it seems that Santana has no idea.

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Yet when S finally does hear about her ex ladylove’s new hookup, she’s not going to be happy about it. In fact, actress Naya Rivera promises The Hollywood Reporter that fans can expect a full-on Sam vs. Santana confrontation — and in musical form, no less.

"When you get your heart broken, you either lash out or you deal with it," Naya says. "You either lash out or you deal with it; it's like the seven stages of grief. I'm sure she'll do a little bit of everything."

Yet after her lashing out is over, will Santana “deal with it” by picking up and moving to NYC? "Rachel and Kurt have a really big loft and a couch!" Naya pointed out. We’d love to see her join them there!

The big Samtana confrontation takes place in Season 4, Episode 13: “Diva,” and all of Naya’s hints point towards Santana making the decision to move to NYC that very same night.

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"In that episode, everything gets wrapped up. One door is closing for her, and she opens another one. It's a good thing — she's growing." Santana growing we are totally in support of. But Santana growing apart from Britt? We’re not sure we can get on board with that.

Unfortunately, from the sounds of things, we’re guessing Brittana will not be one of the two couples getting back together before Valentine’s Day. Sad face.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter