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Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki: It’s Hard to See 9-Month-Old Son Sick For the First Time

It sounds like Jared Padalecki wishes he had supernatural healing powers.

The Supernatural star welcomed his first child, Thomas, nine months ago, and it's been tough for Jared to see his son get sick for the first time.

“He just got sick for the first time. It’s a really vulnerable feeling when your kid gets sick because you can’t really do anything,” the sexy 30-year-old actor tells People.

“You don’t just want to pack them full of drugs and make them feel better, so you’re kind of sitting there and he’s congested,” he explains.

And Jared feels extra badly because he worries that he might have been inadvertently responsible. “I’m congested too,” he says. “That’s another thing — I feel like I got him sick.”

Hopefully, Thomas will be back to his former self in no time, as Jared says, "He’s not feeling great, so he’s on some drugs."

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Jared also feels that his son seems a bit wiser than other babies.

“It’s really funny, because … we’ve met a lot of new parents with little babies, and a lot of babies seem like babies, but he feels like he’s kind of an old soul,” he says.

“He kind of looks at you and tries to figure you out, which is cool. I hope he’s a mature kid.”

We think it's adorable that Jared will soon be able to share baby stories with co-star Jensen Ackles, who revealed this week that he's about to become a daddy!

Let's face it: Is it just us, or does Jared sound like the best dad ever?

Source: People

01.13.2013 / 02:02 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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