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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Who Shot Emily Thorne in the Chest?

Last night’s episode of Revenge had us double-infinity stressing for Emily Thorne. “Sabotage” started with the red Sharpie lover draped in her black hoodie and ski mask, lying on the ground in a small pool of blood.

But Ems has escaped from worse, and as we could have predicted, the mastermind had planned the entire event.

The Initiative’s spokeswoman and favorite leather enthusiast, Helen Crowley, claims to know the whereabouts of Aiden Mathis’s sister, Colleen. The revenge school chums aren’t sure if they can trust her yet, but they want Helen to know that she can trust Aiden.

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So together, the two devise a plan to have Aiden and Helen kidnapped and beaten by a hooded figure with a disguised voice (aka Emily). Aiden escapes and “saves” Helen, but not without planting a few bullets in Emily’s bulletproof-vested chest.

The shots hit packets of fake blood, and it looks like Ems is rolling in the deep, but never fear — our girl is definitely safe.

But the real question is: Did Helen buy it? She claimed to “have an idea” as to who attacked her, but could she have figured out that Aiden planned the whole thing? Tell us your thoughts below!

01.14.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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