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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Second Half Episode Titles Revealed

The Walking Dead Season 3 launched its second half on February 10.

Soon-to-be-exiting showrunner Glen Mazzara confirmed that these are the episode titles for the back half of the season:

Episode 9: "The Suicide King"
Episode 10: "Home"
Episode 11: "I Ain't A Judas"
Episode 12: "Clear"
Episode 13: "Arrow on the Doorpost"
Episode 14: "Prey"
Episode 15: "This Sorrowful Life"
Episode 16: "Welcome to the Tombs"

Mazzara added that Episode 14 was originally going to be titled "Killer Within Part II," which ... wow. "Killer Within" was the episode that killed off Lori and T-Dog.

Why did they change the title and what could be implied by that original name? The original "Killer Within" seemed to refer to Andrew, the convict who let loose the walkers and wreaked havoc in the prison, but also to baby Judith, the killer within Lori's womb. Then again, "Killer Within" might also have referred to Carl having to kill his mom, or The Governor being a secret killer within Woodbury, or the killer grief that started to take over Rick’s brain, or … anything. It also looks like Episode 13 was originally called "Pale Horse" before being changed to "Arrow on the Doorpost."

What do you think of the episode titles? Worth reading into or too early to tell what they might mean?

Source: @glenmazzara

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01.14.2013 / 10:36 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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