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Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Season 2, Episode 11, “Sabotage”: “Fauxmance Part Deux Is a Runaway Success”

Revenge is a dish best served cold, much like leftover pizza. However, this week's episode was piping hot, and featured even more twists and turns than usual! C'mon, Declan pretending to be manly? Our jaws were dropping all over the place. In other news, the quotes were top-notch, mostly because Nolan was trolling around like a revengey pro. Check out the Top 10 doozies from the episode!

10. Emily greets Aiden: "Hey. Where’ve you been?"
Aiden: "Thinking."
Uh oh. This is never a good thing.

9. Declan mans up: "This is our home, you son of a bitch, we’re not going anywhere."
His mood ring is pink (aka feisty!).

8. Nolan checks out Aiden's outfit: "Look at you all gussied up like 007."
The name's Mathis. Aiden "I Love Japanese Puppies" Mathis.

7. Nolan makes a losing bid: "Hell, make it half a mill. And I don’t even drink wine!"
Wait, does he only drink Slurpees like we do? Twinsies!

6. Daniel busts out his checkbook: "One, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero. I never thought giving away a million bucks could feel so good."
And we never thought Daniel could count that high.

5. Nolan sums up Daniel: "Extreme daddy issues."
Might have something to do with his dad being a murderer.

4. Charlotte spies Declan: "Permission to come aboard?"
Enter "that's what she said" joke here.

3. Emily raises her glass: "What shall we toast to?"
Daniel: "Taking it slow and drinking it quickly."
OMG, did Daniel just pen a poem? YESSSS!

2. Nolan eyes Emily and Daniel: "Looks like fauxmance part deux is a runaway success."
Psh, whatever. They've only kissed twice, which is a runaway failure as far as we're concerned.

1. Conrad le sighs: "In case you haven’t noticed, my traitorous son now sits atop my former throne."
So many potential Game of Thrones jokes, so little time.

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