10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 11
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Once Upon a Time

10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 11

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the 10 biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to make sense of everything that happened.

Here are 10 questions from Season 2, Episode 11: “The Outsider.”

1. Will a special smooch be able to restore Belle’s identity?
We’re crossing our fingers that true love’s kiss will break the spell and bring back Belle’s memories. But before that happens, we’re assuming the new Belle would need to fall back in love with Rumple, which is probably going to be no small task. (No offense, Rumple.)

2. What will Belle’s new personality be not to mention, uh, her name?
We love Belle so much that we’re nervous about what her non-Fairytale Land identity might be like, since we didn’t see much of her during the curse. Heck, we don’t even know what to call Belle now that she’s lost her memories! The only thing we’re certain of is that she and Hook aren’t likely to become besties anytime soon, regardless of what her name is.

3. Can Belle now accompany Gold to find Bae?
The lone silver lining to Belle losing her memories? Well, Belle wasn’t able to accompany Gold on his quest to find Baelfire for fear of losing her memories, but now that she’s already lost them, that’s not a problem anymore. Then again, Belle seemed basically terrified of Gold after she crossed the border, so maybe going on a lengthy journey with him to find his son is asking a bit much.

4. Why was this new guy able to enter Storybrooke and does his PA plate mean anything?
We don’t know much about Storybrooke’s newest visitor, other than the fact he’s not Henry’s father, Neal Cassady. The lone hint we’re given is that his car has Pennsylvania license plates, but we’re not sure what that really tells us. Was it just informing us he’s not from New York, where Neal lives? Wherever this new guy is from, it’s clear that the driving test there is way too lax.

5. How soon will Hook be back to causing destruction?
We really want to know how badly Hook was hurt in that car crash, and whether or not he’ll be back to his old scheming self anytime soon. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some good in Hook, as we still think he and Emma could be cute together. Maybe she’ll fall for him once she locks him up in jail? And what’s a healthier way to start a relationship than that! Or perhaps Belle won’t be the only Storybrooke resident whose memory is hazy.

6. Will Snow and Charming be heading back to Fairytale Land soon?
Snow seems to think Charming is crazy to want to voluntarily head back to Fairytale Land, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she comes around on the issue. As for us, we have mixed feelings, since it’s pretty darn cute seeing the big happy family all in Storybrooke. But as long as Snow and Charming are both in Fairytale Land this time, we suppose we’re okay with it.

7. In the meantime, will Snow and Charming still find a new Storybrooke home?
We couldn’t help but squeal at the thought of Henry taking care of Pongo, but now that Archie will presumably be taking care of Pongo again, we suppose we’ll have to repress that glee. And does the fact that Henry presumably won’t be taking care of Archie’s dog mean Snow and Charming don’t need to find more spacious digs? Or was Pongo merely the catalyst?

8. Why was there no mention of August this week?
It’s possible we’re just getting antsy about wanting to see August again and learn what’s in the box he showed Neal. Still, you’d think there could have been some mention of him when Emma says that she talked to Marco, right?

9. Will Phillip be revived in the present day?
It’s no secret this show loves killing off all the hotties (we miss you, Graham!), so it was nice to get another glimpse at Prince Phillip’s beautiful face, if only just for an episode. This makes us wonder if Aurora will make a deal with Cora to eventually bring Phillip back from the wraith, or if we’ll have to survive with only an occasional flashback of him? Or maybe Whale can bring him back for good? Get on that, Whale!

10. Will Regina and Cora team up?
Does the lack of Cora and Regina in the Storybrooke segments mean they were already off conspiring together? Or will Storybrooke’s citizens somehow manage to convince Regina they were really sorry for, y’know, accusing her of murder? Come to think of it, that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing kinda goes out the window in Storybrooke.

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