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The Bachelor

Bachelor Sean Lowe: My Last Girlfriend Was Black

During what could have been a cringe-worthy conversation, Bachelor Season 17 contestant Robyn Howard took Sean Lowe aside in Episode 2 to ask if he’s attracted to African-American women. Sean charmingly disarmed the nervous Houston native (who is African-American) by acknowledging that, despite his super-white blond-haired blue-eyed all-American roots, he’s attracted to women of all backgrounds — not just the strapping white Texas tribe from which he hails.

In fact, Sean then went on to reveal, “my last girlfriend was black,” referring to Ryan Ray, a Dallas cheerleader he dated before his Bachelorette days. Sean said he’s also dated Hispanic and Persian women — and then went on to joke to Selma Alameri that he is fluent in Farsi (that part turned out to be false).

Despite the possibly tense subject matter, it was obvious that Sean wasn’t phased by delving into the delicate subject matter. As you may have noticed, Sean’s season has one of the most diverse groups of contestants ever, with Catherine Giudici, who is half-Filipino; Selma, who is Persian; and Brooke, Robyn, and Leslie, who are African-American. Does Sean pick one of these women to be his lawfully-wedded wife-to-be? You’ll have to watch and see (or check out these spoilers, if you have no patience for that kinda thing).