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Bones EP Stephen Nathan on Pelant’s Return: “Horror, Action, Craziness” — Exclusive

Start preparing yourselves now, Bones fans. Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds), Bones Season 8 super villain extraordinaire, is headed back to our TV screens, and he’s preparing to cause some major damage.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Executive Producer Stephen Nathan at the 2013 FOX All-star Party on January 8, and he told us that Pelant’s reign of terror is just getting started!

What can we say about the Spring episodes?
We're working on a lot of them now, but, this season, we really went back to what the show originally was in terms of being a very episodic show, continuing personal stories, but trying to get great cases and issues. And I think we've done that. Coming up, we do have the kind of goofiness of the dancing episode, but that's also coupled with something we've wanted to do for years which was solve a murder that was 30,000 years old.

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Is that how it works? You get the murder first, and then you start structuring things around it?
Yeah. We've got the murders, and we have Pelant coming back. He went off and falsified his identity as an Egyptian national and disappeared. He's coming back. We have a great episode about photo journalists in areas of great conflict and war zones.

How did that come about?
Well, one of our writers is Nigerian, and I think a lot of the hot spots in Africa and tragedies that have unfolded in Africa caught her attention because it's her home continent. And also, it was something we've wanted to do for a long time. It's a great story, but it also brings a lot of awareness to areas of the world that we normally ignore.

It’s an episode about child soldiers, which is so fascinating, but how do you bring these people from Washington DC into that world?
You have to watch and see that one because we get to it through the photographs of a photo journalist.

What can you say about Pelant’s return?
All I can say is that one's our third one back, and — I think — fabulous. It's so much fun, just action from start to finish. Horror, action, craziness, great, so much fun. And he isn’t going anywhere.

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