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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick — More Details on What Went Wrong

Dear Diary,

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Britney Spears and Jason Trawick called off their wedding... or, rather, their engagement, since they never made steps toward the aisle despite putting a ring on it over a year ago. Yes, there have been some major tears on our end. We’ve cried and cried in our lonely hearts.

We’ve written sad love poems with Justin’s Jason’s name rhyming with “You ruined my life when you dumped me” “Facin’” and “Hasten” and all sorts of other smart-sounding words to express how sad we are that this thing is over. But then we stopped. We took a big sip of our kombucha and ate a kale salad and reevaluated.

You see, there were some things that weren’t quite right in relationshipville. Namely, it’s tough to be with someone when you have to take care of them. Psych expert Stacy Kaiser recently chatted with Fox News Online about the duo’s imbalanced relationship, saying "Jason took on the role of 'parent' and Britney the role of 'child' when he agreed to conservatorship. This makes an uneven balance of power, typically kills intimacy and creates a dynamic of conflict in the relationship." Yeah, and?

Stacy continues, "Britney, due to her past mental health issues probably requires a great deal of walking on eggshells to keep her balanced. Anyone close to her would be afraid of triggering an episode like we have seen in the past. As great as Britney may be, any person needing to live under such a need to be cautious and worried would struggle."

Jason resigned from his post as conservator on Friday after the two announced their split, and both parties have stated that they hope to remain close friends.

Source: Fox News Online

01.15.2013 / 03:43 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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