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Teen Mom

Chelsea’s Dog Is Mauled to Death: Recap of Teen Mom 2, Season 3, Episode 9: “A New Direction”

Chelsea Houska's had a rough season. Between her baby daddy rejecting her in favor of a dirt bike (don't question their vehicle-human love, it's pure) and Aubree refusing to potty train, this gal is all kinds of emotional. Thank goodness she has that adorable fleet of cuddly pugs to keep her company!

We're especially fond of Frankie, but guys? Everything is about to get super real. Chelsea lets Frankie out of the house to pee without a leash, and the poor pup gets attacked by a neighbor's evil husky and dies. That's right, Frankie was mauled to death.

Aaand, our pizza just got even more salty. With our tears. But remember, all dogs go to heaven. We'll pour some Diet Coke out for you, Frankie.

Poor Chelsea is devastated (and it doesn't help that Aubree keeps wailing "Frankiieeeeeee" at the top of her lungs), but in less completely traumatizing news, girlfriend finally manages to pass her math GED practice test! Sigh, even in times of puppy mourning she's so smart. Clearly, Chelsea's hair extensions hold the secrets to her success.

01.15.2013 / 08:05 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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