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The Bachelor

Courtney Robertson on Split From Ben Flajnik: “Things Don’t End Unless They End Badly” — Exclusive

Courtney Robertson has been through the ringer in the past year and a half. The Los Angeles-based model fell for Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor Season 16, all while being vilified by the public and fellow contestants. Then, just a month short of the one year anniversary of their engagement, Ben and Court announced that they were splitting up. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment at a cocktail party at Bachelor Mansion on January 11, 2013, Courtney candidly reveals how she’s been doing since the break up. Spoiler alert: She’s a fighter!

What have you been doing lately, career-wise?
You know, I’m just back to normal life. I’m going on modeling and I’ve been shooting a lot and I’m going on a commercial audition and I’m really close on a couple. It’s a numbers game. There are so many beautiful girls in L.A. I’m hoping to book some commercials soon. It’s the story of my life. I’m going to New York; I’m doing a runway show for fashion week, which I’m excited about, for charity. I’m having fun with my girlfriends and getting back to normal life.

Credit: Splash News    

Do you keep in touch with Ben?
I haven’t spoken to Ben, no. We don’t talk. I don’t plan on talking to him. But he knows I wish him well. I’ve reached out a few times. We went through a lot, even when we broke up it was like, we’re going to need time. It just was a bad breakup. That thing is true — things don’t end unless they end badly.

It’s particularly tough when it’s in the public eye like that, right?
Exactly. It is. It was really tough. I wish him well. I hope he’s happy. When you care for somebody deeply like that, you only want the best for them and whether it’s him being with somebody else or whatever, I just want him to be happy. And me, too! We both are [now]! It wasn’t working.