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The Bachelor

Courtney Robertson: Tierra LiCausi Has a Target on Her Back — Exclusive

Tierra LiCausi waltzed into the Bachelor Mansion with a first impression rose, igniting a million angry looks from her fellow Season 17 contestants. Courtney Robertson, who has the distinction of being both The Bachelor Season 16 winner and its villain, feels for Tierra’s plight. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment at “Cocktails at the Mansion” on January 11, Court weighs in on meeting Sean Lowe, having Bachelor PTSD, and why it’s too early to judge Tierra.

What do you think of Sean as the Bachelor?
I think Sean’s great. He seems so sincere and ready. I just met him tonight for the first time and he’s a good guy!

Are you watching the current season, then?
Yeah. I’m watching.

What do you think of the girls?
I’m really impressed by the girls. I really think he got a good group of girls. I think it’s going to be tough for him. I was watching and was like—I love her, I love her, I love her.

Credit: ABC    

There always seems to be the bad girl on the show, which could even extend to you. Do you relate to Tierra at this point?
I don’t know. It’s too soon right now and I’ve already said — having been through it, I’m not going to be that person who bashes anybody. I’ve heard a few things about her, but she’s cute. She got the first impression rose and that could have been a problem. That was like a target on her back, night one. That happens.

There’s also a model on the show.
Yeah! And there’s a fit model as well. I can relate. I remember the first night I walked in here. I was actually the last one out of the limo and I walked in, I was the last person and I walked in this room right here [living room] surrounded by 24 girls and they were like, who brought the model? I felt like they were already bonding. It was awful. It was a really horrible feeling.

Oh, dear. So tonight’s bringing back a few bad memories, as well.
Yeah, walking in. I’m late for the party — what did I miss?! Who’s this, who’s that? But it brought back some pleasant memories as well.