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The Bachelorette

Deanna Pappas Stagliano: We’re Trying for a Baby! — Exclusive

Deanna Pappas didn’t find her one true love on The Bachelor Season 11 or The Bachelorette Season 4 — but she did find him within Bachelor Nation. In 2009, Michael Stagliano and then-girlfriend Holly Durst set Deanna up with Michael’s twin brother, Stephen, and the rest is lovey-dovey history. Deanna and Stephen were married in October 2011 in Georgia.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment at the Bachelor Mansion on January 11, 2013, Deanna reveals what she’s up to now, what she thinks of
Sean Lowe as the Bachelor, and — drum roll, please — that she and Stephen are trying for a baby!

Credit: Twitter    

What do you think of Sean as The Bachelor?
I love Sean. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Dallas, gosh, sometime early last year and I came home and I told my husband Stephen, he’s a really good dude, totally broken-hearted over Emily, he’d make a really great Bachelor. A true gentleman, southern, clearly I love. He’s super nice and I think he’s in it for the right reasons.

Definitely! Well, what’s up with you these days?
Oh, not a whole lot, working like a dog. I’ve been working an awful lot, looking forward to buying a home with my husband and looking forward to starting a family.

You said you wanted to start a family. What’s the plan, the next year or so?
We would love to have kids in the next year. We’re on a plan. We wanted to wait a year ‘til after we were married to at least start trying to have a family and we have met that year mark and we are ready so we’ll see.

Do you want a boy or a girl?
I don’t really care, as long as it’s a healthy baby and as long as they sleep through the night.

Well, is it fun seeing Molly and Jason here, they’re expecting.
Everyone! Molly, bless her heart, she’s at a party like this and everyone’s drinking and having a good time and she can’t drink but all we want to do is rub her belly. She has to be so over having her belly touched that she can’t stand it. Every time I see her I’m like, oh, my God, you’re so stunning and I rub her belly. I can’t stop and I said, Molly, are you over this yet? And she said yes! I’m like, one more time! And I just rub her belly. They’re so cute and I’m super happy for them. I think they deserve all this happiness and I’m glad to see a little baby Mesnick running around this place.

What has the process of this show done for your life? I mean, you kind of met your husband through The Bachelor/Bachelorette process, but not exactly.
It’s been very interesting, right? People say all the time, aren’t you super happy with everything you did and before I met my husband, I’d say, I have a lot of regrets because of the way my season of The Bachelorette ended. I wouldn’t say I made the best decision possible, but now, looking back, especially after meeting Stephen through the Bachelorette family, absolutely everything happens for a reason. I’m super thankful at the choices that I made because it led me to him. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I can’t imagine things could ever get better and I’m super lucky.


Stephen will be the dad of your children. Why is he such a great guy?
Oh, my husband. He has the uncanny ability to give grace to any one human being in the entire world and I’ve never seen that in anyone else in my life. And he is a solid, solid man and a good Christian and he loves me unconditionally. He’s probably the one person in the entire world that I’ve been able to be myself with, a hundred percent, good and bad and unload every bit of my secrets and everything else and he doesn’t judge me and he loves me and he makes me laugh a lot every day and I think it makes for a very fun relationship.

Yeah! But when people see you out, though, they think you’re with Michael [Stagliano, twin brother]?
I think Stephen would say it’s his biggest complaint is that they say—especially when Bachelor Pad was airing—people used to come up to Stephen all the time and say, oh, my gosh, Michael, Michael. And he was like, I can’t wait until Bachelor Pad is done airing and I’ll be myself again. Because they look alike they always assume it’s Michael. Sometimes I think he wishes people knew he was his own person.

What is your advice for the girls on The Bachelor this season?
Gosh. I say this all the time and I even said it six years ago when I was on the show – just be yourself. Be honest and be yourself. That’s my advice. The rest will fall into place.