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The Kardashians

Has Dating Kim Kardashian Made Kanye West More or Less Popular?

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their baby are all anyone in the entertainment world can talk about right now. Kim, of course, is a reality TV vet, but Kanye is new to this Kardashian-level of media saturation. So how is it treating him?

Maybe not so great! According to some data compiled by the Huffington Post, Yeezy’s popularity has taken a wee bit of a hit since Kimye hit the scene.

HuffPo looked at some numbers from E-Poll Market Research, which gives celebs an “E-Score” that measures their marketability. Apparently, “there is some sort of fallback or blowback from him hooking up with Kim,” said Randy Parker, the Senior Director of Market and COmmunications at E-Poll.

Say what? What kind of blowback?

Well, one of the factors this company measures is called ‘Overexposed,’ which is pretty self-explanatory. And how does Kanye measure up, in the overexposed department? He clocks in at 37 percent, and the average for celebrities is 4 percent. All of that adds up to a dip on HuffPo’s fancypants accompanying graph of Kanye’s popularity over the years.

Poor ‘Ye! Guess he’ll just have to count on his killer music career, fabulous wealth and beautiful, pregnant girlfriend to get him through this.

Source: Huffington Post