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The Bachelor

How Many Kids Does Bachelor Sean Lowe Want? — Exclusive

If we had it our way, Sean Lowe would already have like nine kids — one for each of the lives we want to start with him. But sadly, our main man living under God’s plan is likely not heading down the “one kid for every crazy cat lady who’s obsessed with him” path, and will have a more reasonable number of offspring.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Sean at Chez Bachelor to chat with him about all the things we think about (obsessively) all the time. As anyone who’s ever lactated over a picture of Sean holding a baby/child/cat/dog/vegetable in the abstract shape of a kid can imagine, this man wants some babies.

“Primarily I would love to have a beautiful life where I have the time and ability to spend with my family just like my dad did and be able to do the cool things and take my kids places like my dad took me growing up. That’s my ultimate goal. I don’t want to be one of those fathers who works 14 hours a day and never sees his kids. I want free time,” Sean told us during a set visit on January 11.

Even though he turned down our implied offers (we think really hard about it through the computer/TV screen every day) to be a kept man, he definitely wants a solid family unit. As for just how many people that involves, there’s some flexibility for sure. “I don’t really have a set number. I grew up with just one sibling and I thought it was good just the two of us but I’m open to having more and I think I might leave that up to my wife.”

A family man who lets his wife decide how many stretch marks she wants? Swoon.

Reporting by Carole Glines

01.15.2013 / 04:48 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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