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The Bachelorette

Michael Stagliano Is Planning on Proposing to Girlfriend Emily Tuchscherer — Exclusive

Michael Stagliano has had an illustrious love life — both onscreen on The Bachelorette, two seasons of Bachelor Pad, and now in real life with his normal-person girlfriend Emily Tuchscherer. Speaking exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment at Bachelor Mansion on January 11, 2013, Michael revealed that he’s already asked Emily’s dad for his blessing to marry his daughter — now he just needs to get a ring! Here’s what Michael had to say about “the best thing” that’s ever happened to him, if Emily knows he’s about to put a ring on it, and where he envisions they’ll tie the knot.

Hi, I’m with Wetpaint.
Michael Stagliano: I love Wetpaint. Interview away!

We understand you have a girlfriend. Congratulations.
I do. A serious one.

Tell me about her!
She’s the best thing that ever happened in my whole life. She’s from Wisconsin; she lives in Chicago right now. We’ve been dating for [thinks about it] seven months? A little over seven months. And I recently asked her dad for permission to marry her and he said yes so things are good. I’m right next door to getting engaged.

Well, so you’re not quite engaged?
I haven’t been engaged yet. Not yet.

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You haven’t asked her, you’ve asked her dad?
Yep. Yep. I did it super formal. At the end of December, I asked her dad and then — so I’ve got to buy a ring and actually propose.

She doesn’t know yet?
Nope. She doesn’t know what’s coming!

Wow! Okay, well, what was her dad’s reaction?
It was really sweet. Emily is my girlfriend and she’s the oldest of four girls so her dad has never had anyone ask and it was really sweet. All he said was, if I said no, I’d get kicked out of the house and he just said, everyone loves you and you’re going to be such a great addition to the family. And my family feels that way too. Everyone just loves Emily so it’s good. I’m really happy, very much in love.

What’s her last name?
It’s Tuchscherer [he spells it out]. It’s a mouthful!

Is she around your age?
She is. She’s my exact age. She’s 28 as well.

How did you guys meet?
I played a show in Chicago and she had some friends who brought her along and I had all my friends there and when I got done playing my set they had all met up and she just came up right to me and said, hey, do you want to get drinks with me afterwards? And there was just something about her right away that I loved so I said yeah and then I went down to a wedding the next day further down in Illinois and I came back up the following day and I was like, I would just love to see you again so we hung out and that was the start of things. That was seven months ago.

Did she recognize you from TV?
She did. She had watched the show and she told me that upfront but yeah, night one, right away with her there was such a good connection and she’s wonderful.

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Any plans when you might propose?
Not yet because I just asked permission from her dad and she lives in Chicago so we’re still taking things relatively slow in terms of actually moving out here and getting engaged, but it’s coming.

What do you like so much about her?
It’s so great that a long list comes to mind but one of my favorite things is she’s a little bit atypical from what I’ve dated in the past and I think my biggest thing that I love is that my family loves her. That’s not been the case with some of my exes — I’m sorry, with ALL of my exes! I love that she’s got sort of the core virtues to a human — she’s slow to anger, quick to forgive, she’s kind, she’s selfless. She’s just beautiful, inside and out.

What kind of wedding would you like?
Good question! We’ll probably do a Midwest wedding, because that’s where a lot of my family is from and that’s where her family is from as well. We haven’t even started to talk about those specifics yet. But I can tell you this—after all the Stagliano weddings, they’re all dance parties. We dance hard. That will definitely be involved in the wedding.

And your brother [gestures to Stephen with his wife DeAnna Pappas nearby] would be your best man?
Absolutely he’ll be best man! And DeAnna will be one of the bridesmaids.

What are you thinking in terms of timing—would you want it to be this year?
We’ll have like a year-long engagement, I suppose, but again, we haven’t started to nail down any of those details.

What does she do for a living?
She’s a banker. She works for — it’s called The PrivateBank. She’s doing well for herself.