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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Who Got Jack Porter Out of Jail?

If you’re friends with Emily Thorne, chances are that trouble finds you, and Revenge’s Jack Porter is the good guy who often gets bad news.

This shaggy-haired bartender always gets the short end of the paddle, and last night’s episode, “Sabotage,” was no exception. Jack’s been locked up on some false drug trafficking charges, thanks to the Ryan brothers and Declan’s utter failure as a brother.

But his jail sentence was shorter than Daniel Grayson’s haikus thanks to an unlikely ally. Charlotte went to her father, Conrad, asking a favor for the baby daddy of her half sis. But Connie wasn’t into the idea of helping his conniving foe.

After Amanda was turned away, she swapped Conrad’s fancy watch in exchange for an illegal gun to take out the Ryan brothers, stripper Mandy style. Fortunately, Amanda’s able to kick this bad habit when Ashley Davenport tells her the good news — Conrad’s released Jack from the clink in order to start his political campaign.

Apparently Conrad wants to swap out his Bermuda shorts and golf game in order to represent this fine country of ours. And in order to do so, Conrad’s working with the Liberty project to right the wrongs and “false” accusations, like the ones he’s had. Yeah, OK, Connie. Frame David Clarke, much?

Now Jack’s indebted to the Graysons, and the Ryans know that Mandy’s ready to take them out at the first possible opportunity. Basically, they’re in more trouble than ever!

Should Jack be concerned? With the explosion of his boat, The Amanda, coming up in Episode 14, we’re getting mighty anxious about this Montauk man’s future. Do you think Jack is safe? Tell us below!

01.15.2013 / 03:38 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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