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Revenge Season 2: [SPOILER] Will Betray Emily Thorne!

When you sport a double infinity tattoo and practice martial arts in your spare time, “trust” is a relative term. And Revenge’s Emily Thorne struggles with this on a daily basis.

She keeps most everyone at arm’s length, with the exception of a handful of allies. One such ally is her juvie bestie, Amanda Clarke. The ex-stripper did switch identities with Ms. Thorne — for a small chunk of change and a friendship bracelet.

But according to a new spoiler from TVLine, Amanda’s desire to preserve her life with Jack and Baby Carl David may jeopardize her friendship with Emily.

“The thing about Amanda is that she’s a survivor,” show creator Mike Kelley told the site. “She’s going to have a challenge coming up … In order to save what she has going on with Jack, there’s going to be a choice she has to make that will involve a betrayal of Emily.”

Mike describes Amanda’s treachery as “quite deep,” adding that it “will set [these former friends] on a darker path as foils once again.”

But if you think that could mean an early end for this baby mama, you’d be wrong. The writers and producers think of Amanda as “a character that we love who has endless opportunity to give us story.”

Well … she does go from putting her infant son to bed to stealing and pawning watches for illegal guns. Good times.

And frankly, Emily hasn’t done much for Amanda in return for her continued loyalty and service. Homegirl fell off a balcony while pregnant and almost died to help out her cellblock sister, and she didn’t even get a fruit basket in return!

Should Amanda keep her loyalty with Emily, or with Jack and her family? Weigh in below!

Source: TVLine

01.15.2013 / 10:00 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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