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The Bachelor

What Is Bachelor Sean Lowe Looking For In a Wife? — Exclusive

If you read that headline and answered “ME!” then we’re sorry to disappoint, but a lot of you won’t make the cut into the things that Bachelor Sean Lowe wants in a potential mate. First of all, he’s already probably too far down that path for you to jump in and be all “Oh HEYO” and then sweep him off his muscle-y calves.

But Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Sean at the Bachelor Mansion and talked to the blond hottie about what he’s been keeping in mind as the process unfolds.

We asked you trusty readers recently whether or not you thought that the religious Texan needed to find someone equally religious to spend his life with. Well, guess what? You and he are on the same page. Sean told us, “Yeah, that’s the center of my life and it plays an important role in my life so it’s important to me that she’s on the same page as I am.”

As for what other qualities Sean’s keen to find in his lifelong gal, it sounds like we can all agree that they’re pretty solid attributes. Sean says, “I’m looking for someone who’s smart, who’s funny, and just has a good heart. Someone who’s willing to love as much as I am.”

What a coincidence, Sean. You’ve described us PERFECTLY!

Reporting by Carole Glines

01.15.2013 / 03:54 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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