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Real Housewives of Atlanta

“You Don’t Give Chef Boyardee to President Obama” and Other $#*! The Real Housewives of Atlanta Say!

Another episode means another week of trying to narrow down the multitude of ridiculousness coming out of the ATL ladies' mouths and Phaedra Parks was on fire this week. Here’s our countdown of the top 10 quotes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 11, "This Donkey Kicks."

10. Kenya Moore: "I can barely buy a pair of shoes with what they're paying me, and I only wear $1000 shoes, so please."

Only $1000? Wow, she must shop at Payless.

9. Phaedra Parks: "He loves muscles and everything tight and toned."

We can see that.

8. Phaedra Parks: "Are we exercising or having sex?"

A little of both?

7. Phaedra Parks: "Honey, we are out of slavery and this is the normal course of business."

My counter-offer is zero percent.

6. Phaedra Parks: "Most women wanna work out, but we wanna look good while we're working out — we don't wanna come out looking like you've been in a fight with Rocky."

Sweat schmet.

5. Kenya Moore: "I've done a lot of work for this video, all for no pay, for somebody else's booty."

It happens!

4. Phaedra Parks: "Kenya says that she has produced multi-million dollar films ... unfortunately, I have never heard of one of them."

That makes two of us.

3. Phaedra Parks: "I want an array of ladies — flat hineys, tutti-fruttis, juicy booties ..."

We don't even want to know what a tutti-frutti booty is.

2. Cynthia Bailey: "Anything that has to do with a donkey butt, I would think the back end is already covered."


1. Phaedra Parks: "You don't give Chef Boyardee to President Obama just like I ain't gonna give caviar to Ayden."

Uh ... what?