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The Bachelor

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Bachelor Blog: Robyn Was Brave to Ask Sean About Race

Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is Bachelor Sean Lowe’s BFFL. And, as such, it’s his job to tell us EVERYTHING WE WANT TO KNOW. So, we are so glad that we’re not watching this season alone — rather, we have the glory that is Arie’s blog to follow along with the can’t miss moments and deep smoldering, um, insights.

For one, do you remember that potentially super-awkward moment in Episode 2 when Robyn Howard pulled Sean aside to ask him straight up if he liked black girls? We knew he dated a black cheerleader in the past, but apparently no one else did, because we could feel Bachelor Nation holding its collective breath.

Still, we were impressed with her moxie and need for truth. "That was an important conversation for her to have," Arie says. "Sean’s response was really comforting to her.” It’s a hard enough environment to be in when you have to compete for love against a bunch of other attractive women — knowing the target actually likes you for you is very important. In the best moment of his season so far, Sean told Robyn that he has dated a myriad of races and cares only about a woman’s personality and heart. Swoon.

It’s true that this season has the most diverse contestant pool of all time, but it’s not the first time a person of color has been on the show. "There was a similar situation on Emily's season with Alejandro asking about Emily dating a Latino," Arie says. "He was very uncomfortable the whole time because he never really brought it up. So I'm happy that Robyn did. She was brave enough to ask the hard question, and Sean handled that very well."

Source: Arie’s Bachelor Blog

01.16.2013 / 05:19 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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