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Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 11: “Under the Influence”

A DJ’s dead, Beckett has questionable taste in movies, and Esposito morphs into Esbrosito to a troubled kid who reminds Espo a lot of himself. Caskett might have take a backseat in this last night’s episode, but we definitely appreciate the inside scoop into Javier’s former bad boy ways.

DJ, Bring the Beat Back!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the greatest pop star of them all? Well, if the flashing light bulbs by the paparazzi are any indication, it’s not pop princess Regina Cane. At her own album release party, girlfriend is upstaged by newly-minted sensation, Josie Lang. Mortal frenemies, Regina’s PR rep added Josie to the guest list. The golden rule of PR is any press is good press, and there’s no better PR than Regina and Josie’s albums dropping on the same day next week. Cue all of your Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding rivalry references.

Meanwhile, the deejay for Regina’s party, Holly Rhodes aka DJ Beat, left her station early after spotting someone in a hooded vest dash past partygoers. She slips in a looped playlist and bolts towards the mystery figure. Next thing you know, she’s dead.

Here are the facts, courtesy of the lovable Lanie Parish: Holly was murdered at a different location, wrapped in a tarp and tossed at a construction site. Remnants on the tarp suggest she was killed at or around a Chinese food restaurant (good luck narrowing that down in NYC!). Her fatal impact, which also happens to be the name of Regina’s new album, was a gunshot wound to the chest, and Lanie puts her time of death between 11 p.m. and midnight, well before Holly’s deejaying skills were set to end.

In other news, Beckett should leave the movie-picking up to Castle. Her choice of Valentine’s Day (is that supposed to be some kind of hint?) will only veto her future flicks always and forever (yes, Napoleon Dynamite was a sweet movie. VD? Nobody wants that.)

Beckett and Castle interview Regina Cane at the set of the Hangover her mansion. Really, just add Mike Tyson, a tiger and sub out the missing tooth for missing pants. Regina’s barely awake (read: probably went to bed a few minutes ago), just long enough to chase some aspirin with champagne. She explains how angry she was at Holly for darting out early, almost ruining her performance. Beckett doesn’t meet much resistance in securing a copy of the guest list. Regina will say anything to go back to sleep. The life of a pop star is just so hard sometimes.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Call Me, Maybe!

The phone number, inked on the inside of Holly’s hand, belongs to record producer Tyrese Wilton, so Espo and Ryan set out to ask him a few questions. But it’s Ryan who spreads his fanboy wings when he learns that Wilton is currently producing Josie’s new album. Espo, on the other hand, is totes Team Regina, and all of her Girl Scout-outfit glory. Can anyone get these boys some T-shirts made?

Wilton really liked Holly’s music and offered to help take her to the next level. That’s all. Death kinda killed that dream though. Wilton mentions a fight between Holly and rapper MC Thug at the party. Turns out Thug weaseled his way onto the guest list, and was also seen by a neighbor pounding on Holly’s door some time back. Thug, however, just wanted to get his girlfriend’s diamond bracelet back. It had been stolen the night Holly worked a party for him. Such a thoughtful boyfriend. Not so thoughtful was his alibi — another woman.

On a hunch, Ryan checks to see if any items ever went missing during other parties that Holly was playing. Of course there were, a suspiciously high number in fact. Holly always worked with the same assistant, but the 12th thought it was odd he never came forward. Enter Paul Travers, yet he wasn’t at Regina’s party. It just so happens he wasn’t working any of the robbery-filled parties, and instead was always replaced by someone else at the last minute.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Child’s Play

Lifted fingerprints on the deejay equipment pull up Joey Malone, aka “Monster.” But he’s more like “Cookie Monster” — a 14-year-old kid with deceased parents and an absentee uncle as a guardian. Joey quickly upgraded from the minors to the major leagues in theft, but when Beckett pins Holly’s murder on him, he completely freaks. Regardless, he alibied out for the time of death. Espo thinks whoever really orchestrated the thefts might be the prime suspect. Unfortunately, Joey won’t rat that person out. That would be too easy.

The absentee uncle is living up to his name, because Joey’s social worker can’t find him. Espo offers to let Joey crash with him, but things go awry — aka he escapes out the side window. No luck getting a name from Joey, so on to plan B. Combing through Joey’s juvie file leads Espo to confront Shane Winters in some shady underground bar. Shane has bailed out both Joey and Holly from jail previously, but has always managed to keep his own hands clean. Our detectives figured somehow Holly got roped back into working for Shane and was forced to hire Joey on certain jobs to steal the goods.

Ashes To Ashes!

The only piece of evidence to tie Shane to the murders was some synthetic carpet fabric, found on the tarp, that match the make and model of Shane’s car. However, Joey tipped off Shane, and all that’s left of the car is a pile of ashes. Foiled again. But Espo’s not done. He shows Joey a portion of the interrogation video where Shane says it will be Joey who takes the fall, not him. Bingo. Shane doesn’t have Joey’s back, so Joey starts squealing. The target was Tyrese’s phone, but Tyrese never reported it missing. Joey gave it Shane, and Holly found out and that’s why she was killed. But someone put the phone back before anyone would find out. Why was Tyrese’s cell so important?

Josie Lang. Turns out whoever murdered Holly downloaded her unreleased album and planned to leak it on the interwebs. So, ladies and gents, who had the most to gain from this?

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Get Out Your Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding References!

Regina Cane. Cane’s record label threatened to drop her if she didn’t outperform Lang, and the odds weren’t in Regina’s favor. So Regina hired Shane to do her dirty work. The true smoking gun was that Holly put a tracker on Regina’s service provider, unveiling an email account Regina used to chat it up with the hacker who was going to release the album. Holly got in the way — she was just about to get her big break from Wilton and tried to stop Regina — and was killed for it. Case closed.

Javier Gets Personal!

Espo drops Joey off at home, but not before sharing his own personal story. Javi was just like Joey with a rap sheet just as long. He was saved by one of his teachers who believed in him when he didn’t believe in himself. Espo vows to do the same thing for Joey, calling in backup from Joey’s guidance counselors and checking in weekly. It’s big bro Espo to the rescue, day or night, should Joey need anything. Uh, now could we just clue Lanie in on this little detail, so her heart can melt like ours did?

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